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Many of our clients, Farm|Food|Drink networking friends, or workshop participants ask us for information on available funding options. While we are authorized providers and have been vetted by many of these programs, we do not represent the funding organizations themselves, and we do not consider ourselves “fund chasers”. It is our job to work with programs that enable our clients to work with us to help them grow their business and market more effectively. That said, we do work on plans that consider funding as a way for our clients to implement their planning goals. While funding is available, finding the right fit can be a bit of a quagmire and we can often help make things easier. Feel free to call us to inquire for further details, or visit the funding websites directly.

Farm Food Business Advisory Program

A business planning program for farm or food processors. If approved, the government will pay up to, or more than, 85% for the development of a financial analysis with forecasting and budgeting (Tier 1), and the development of a strategy in one of 9 areas (Tier 2):

  • Business Strategy
  • Succession Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Structure
  • Production Economics
  • Risk Assessment
  • Human Resources
  • Value-added Ventures
  • Financial Management

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Market Development Preparedness Program

This program offers a total of $50,000 dollars of available funding, 75% of which is eligible for reimbursement. There are two areas of this program:

Market Research

Identifying and describing domestic and/or international market development opportunities for specific BC agriculture, beverage, and processed food or seafood products by collecting and analyzing:

  • Statistics and other market information; and/or
  • Information on consumers in a specific market; and/or,
  • Information on domestic and international competitors for specific BC products.

Strategic Market Development Planning

Developing strategic, long-term marketing plans and/or export plans to help facilitate the expansion of domestic and/or international markets for B.C.’s agriculture, beverage, food and/or seafood products by:

  • Collecting existing market research, statistics and information to support the development of marketing/export plans (i.e. to help identify appropriate target markets and describe specific market opportunities; understand the competitive environment; analyze and describe target consumers; determine the most appropriate distribution and promotion/communications strategy; develop marketing objectives; create a brand statement; identify specific marketing activities to undertake to capitalize on identified opportunities; etc.)

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B.C. Agrifood & Seafood Export Program

Get funding to participate in a variety of international market development activities such as:

  • Trade missions
  • Trade shows
  • Building partnerships with foreign governments and buyers
  • Designing product presentation materials
  • Hosting media visits

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Buy Local Program

The Buy Local program is a cost-shared funding program where businesses and organizations can apply for matched funding (you pay 50% of the total cost) for projects that promote local foods that are grown, raised, harvested, or processed in BC. The program requires a minimum of $5,000 investment and is largely focused on implementation tactics over planning.

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Farm Business Speaker Program

The Speaker’s Fund provides funding for farm business management speakers at key industry events. It targets smaller agriculture organizations that wish to educate their membership in farm business management through events such as: workshops, seminars or presentations.

Example: A speaker hired to talk to a wide selection of farmers on Salt Spring Island about how they can effectively market at farmers’ markets.

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Strategic Outreach Initiative and Strategic Planning Programs

This funding targets industry activities identified by staff as contributing to the viability and/or growth of the sector. The program may fund the following types of activities and events:

  • Conferences
  • Short courses
  • Seminars
  • Field Days and Demonstrations
  • Tours
  • Trade Shows
  • Community Farm Tours

Strategic Outreach Initiative Speakers Fund

The Speaker’s Fund provides funding for speakers brought in to discuss the development of a specific sector or area.

Example: A speaker hired to talk to a group of HACCP Berry Farm Growers on water scheduling and usage.

Agri-Food Business Planning Program

A two day, eight module course developed by the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture to help Agri-food processors grow. The program is facilitated with Candice Appleby of Small Scale Food Canada.


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