To Left Field Marketing, authenticity
is the secret ingredient.

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Our Approach

It’s about the Quality of the Connection. Having an authentic connection with your customer or audience. From that position, we specialize in innovative and provocative advertising for local and regional Farm|Food|Drink businesses and organizations.

We strive to find what’s authentic and real for our clients. From this genuine position, we develop creative strategies and campaigns that are true to the values and position of our clients and also engage and fully connect with the client’s target market. Hand in hand we develop a brand that is representative and effective.

Our Purpose

As a subsidiary of the Business Advisory Team, we share our team’s social purpose: to help grow local food systems by enabling business viability through market readiness.

We work hand in hand with you to:

  • Build a fluid, holistic process focused on viability and long-term growth
  • Help define your brand based on your visions and your goals
  • Develop, design, and write to connect your vision to your target
  • Communicate the right things, to the right people, at the right time
  • Develop positive relationships with suppliers, regulators, distributors, retailers
  • Connect to a community of like-minded individuals, businesses, and organizations
  • Create authentic, ethical and provocative advertising

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Portfolio of Work
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