Greg McLaren
Founder and Managing Director

Greg is the Farm Manager for Farm Food Drink - Business Advisory Team and Left Field Marketing.  Passionate in his love for regional food and local community, with many years of experience in business development and marketing, Greg has one foot in a business dress shoe and one in a gumboot. Although comfortable in both worlds, he likes the farm and artisan food, better!  Greg loves to meet the clients at their facilities, so he can experience their vision and their story.  With clients, he “roughs out” marketing and business strategies, then points the way for the team to balance creative magic with structured planning and campaigns for realistic, yet exciting implementation. 

Sheena Gnos
Client Projects Manager

Sheena, is both a writer and a coordinator, but for the Farm Food Drink team and our clients, she is primarily our project manager. She loves to tell a good story and for Farm Food Drink that story involves efficient follow-through. Sheena coordinates all campaigns, marketing research projects, and plans while working with our clients and team of specialists to ensure the herd is off to the right field. As our team of specialists plant and grow crops, Sheena checks the fields to make sure everything is flowing as it should. Sometimes, it can be a little like herding water buffalo, as Farm Food Drink is full of strong personalities, but she loves dealing with the details. In the end, helping our Farm Food Drink clients tell their story and make their vision a reality is what motivates her.

Tammi Hall
Creative Director

Tammi is Creative Director for Left Field Marketing, guiding branding and marketing projects for the Farm Food Drink team, and is also the lead graphic designer. She provides her 20 years of experience to guide branding and positioning as well as creating designs that connect our clients’ unique story and products to consumers. Tammi’s mantra is: good work for good people.

Vanessa Daether
Director Market Research

Vanessa is a wiz at research, specializing in food security and agricultural market research. She works with Farm Food Drink ­– Business Advisory Team to develop key market research plans that illuminate market trends, identify buying behaviours, key competitors and target markets. With a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and a Masters of Arts in Human Security and Peacebuilding, while working on her doctorate, Vanessa’s research supports the growth and viability of small to medium-sized farm and food enterprises, as well as the development of local and regional food systems.  Her work is instrumental in developing strategies that are relevant and effective.

Phyllis Horn
Office Manager, CPA, CMA

Phyllis is a financial analyst and Chartered Professional Accountant for the Business Advisory Team. She focuses on the financial viability of plans and believes that most small scale farms and agri-food operations can be sustainable by starting small and staging manageable growth. Phyllis also coordinates the office, workshops and programs, as well as special projects. Phyllis is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and is pleased to focus on the most important business of growing sustainable food systems.

Louise Negrave
Financial Analyst & Agrologist, B.Sc. (Agr.), P.Ag., CPA, CGA

Louise is a Professional Agrologist and Chartered Professional Accountant with over 25 years of experience in agriculture and finance. Located in our Nakusp office she focuses on work with smaller farmers and food processors, as an agri-business consultant, preparing financial projections, analysis, and business plans for a variety of agri-food enterprises across the province. Her work has been instrumental in the development of solid Business Strategies that achieve profitability.

Bonnie Chomica
Marketing Strategist

Bonnie uses her expertise in Marketing and Social Media to develop marketing strategies and implementation plans for small farms and food processors. These plans outline key tactics and positioning statements that connect with the end consumer. As an amateur farmer herself, Bonnie understands the challenges that are involved with working the land and wants to help farmers and food processors to make a living.

Maia Etheridge-Pedden
Bookkeeping & Reception

Maia is our newest member and often found manning the desk and the phones. She keeps the office running smoothly and manages our event schedules and books. When she’s not checking-in to the latest farm/food event, Maia is helping wherever her hands can do the most good.

Gio Brassens
Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, Gio helps Left Field Marketing to develop beautiful and effective designs for ads, rack cards and websites. She works from the plans and strategies we develop to deliver on designs meant to create positive change.

Rachel Davis
Marketing & Branding Specialist

Rachel provides her expertise in marketing and branding to influence strategy development and positioning statements.

Debra Hellbach
Food Industry Specialist

Debra provides expertise on strategic business planning, market opportunities and communications.