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We are a team of research, planning, and marketing experts focused solely on farm, food, and drink businesses. We understand the industry, we know your customer, we share your values…we help you grow.

Market Research

Helping you better understand your company and product position in the market place, how the consumer will connect with your product, and how your products can better compete.

Business Planning

Business Planning, financial analysis, budgeting, workshops, and more. We are authorized providers for Ministry of Agriculture funded programs. Plan for long-term viability, profitability, and growth.

Creative Marketing

We develop creative solutions for your marketing needs including branding and logo development, copy writing, labeling, packaging, tradeshow and farmers’ market displays and so much more.

Upcoming Workshops


If you’re feeling isolated in your food enterprise — or so wrapped up in doing business that you don’t have time to plan your business — Farm Food Drink CONNECT is here to support you. 


The Food Business Planning Workshop is a two day, nine module workshop series. Designed for micro, small, and medium size food processors looking to improve and/or expand their operations, and farmers looking for value-added products. 

Featuring portfolio pieces of our market research, business planning, creative marketing work

In partnership with the Small Scale Food Processor Association we are preparing the next launch of the Food Business Refresh Program.

Sign-up for our waitlist to keep up to date on our progress and to be the first to apply.

Recent Posts

Clarity Opens Path to 2025 Goals

You have a vision for your agri-food business, but the sector is still in a bit of a mess with volatile markets and disruptive social situations. Inflation continues, purchasing and distribution options change, retailers alter their programs and processes. There continues to be a lot of change and challenges.
So, what should you focus on in 2024 in order to move towards your 2025 goals?
Farm Food Drink’s recommendation is to embrace ‘clarity’.

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Prepare for 2024 with a Work Break

Owning a business can be all consuming, occupying your mind 24/7. As Christmas approaches, the temptation to maintain an unwavering focus on your business goals may be strong, but taking time off during the holidays can prove to be a strategic decision with profound benefits.

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