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We are a team of research, planning, and marketing experts focused solely on farm, food, and drink businesses. We understand the industry, we know your customer, we share your values…we help you grow.

Market Research

Helping you better understand your company and product position in the market place, how the consumer will connect with your product, and how your products can better compete.

Business Planning

Business Planning, financial analysis, budgeting, workshops, and more. We are authorized providers for Ministry of Agriculture funded programs. Plan for long-term viability, profitability, and growth.

Creative Marketing

We develop creative solutions for your marketing needs including branding and logo development, copy writing, labeling, packaging, tradeshow and farmers’ market displays and so much more.

In partnership with the Small Scale Food Processor Association we are preparing the next launch of the Food Business Refresh Program.

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Recent Posts

BC Seafood Businesses Get a Boost

Living by the sea provides abundant opportunities for small-scale harvesters, but there are also challenges in growing a sustainable business. Enter, the Centre for Seafood Innovation.

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Tough Times? Let’s Promote Food VALUE

In our December blog, we recommended taking a rest, a healthful break from your business so you could recharge during these uncertain times. As we start 2023, it’s clear that we’re not done with volatility yet – inflation, talk of recession, the news is full of stories on consumers concerns with rising costs. Are there still opportunities for your business?

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Coping with the business impacts of COVID-19.

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, concern for your business health is stressful. We are collaborating with our industry, government colleagues, and experts as we strive to share information and insights with you. We know how vital our local food systems are. We are here to support you.

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