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In partnership with the Small Scale Food Processor Association (SSFPA) and delivered by the Farm Food Drink team of specialists, the Food Business Planning Workshop is a two day, nine module workshop series. This series is designed for micro, small, and medium size food processors looking to improve and/or expand their operations, and farmers looking for value-added products. Funding is provided by the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. 

Key Takeaways

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 2-day workshop designed to help small and medium-sized food processors planning to expand and improve their business, and farmers developing value-added products

  • 9 module program

  • 8 module planning binders

  • A comprehensive document library including regulatory and operational templates

  • A mentoring and check-in event to foster collaboration and connection


Presented by Farm Food Drink, this series is an interactive program designed to guide you towards a practical plan and effective, successful implementation. We provide guidance, expertise, and the tools/ templates that you can use to not only prepare for the next stage of your business but to help you decide what you can accomplish on your own and what you need professional help to implement.

This series will be presented in 6 different communities throughout British Columbia with the help of Community Partners. It includes modules on the following:

  • Business Planning: Crafting a plan that works from start to finish.
  • Marketing & Sales: Identify, research, and target a niche to maximize sales.
  • Product Development: Scaling up recipes for commercial production and develop new products to meet customer needs.
  • Quality Management: Streamlining operations to make a safe and consistent product.
  • Packaging & Labels: Balancing attractive design with food protection and regulatory standards.
  • Production Economics Gauging the cost of production, operations, and co-packing.
  • Financial Management: Understanding financial statements and make confident decisions.
  • Logistics: Basics of procurement, receiving, storage, shipping, and timing.
  • Resources & Support: Resources and networking opportunities in your region.

2 Day Workshop

Typically 9am to 4:30pm, this first day will cover:

  • Business Planning
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Product Development
  • Quality Management
  • Packaging & Labels

Typically 9am to 4:30pm, this second day will cover:

  • Production Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Logistics
  • Resources & Support

As an addition to the program we will be hosting a 2 session, virtual mentoring and check-in event following the completion of the workshops series. All workshop participants will be invited so that they can connect, mentor, and discuss their experiences (barriers/opportunities) with the workshop, their business, and more. 

We will be seeking input from participants beforehand to establish a theme or topic point that would better support their end goals, in order to provide focus to the discussions and mentoring opportunities. 

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