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COVID-19 Perseverance – Plan Production Performance

While you persevere and produce with your product output, track and then consider how what you're doing can affect your business in the short and long term.

Do You Suffer From Analysis Paralysis?

As things in BC start to open up, there will still be limitations and barriers (literally!), but also new threads of opportunity. With your structured approach, segment and analyse the three main areas of your business: 1) operations/production, 2) sales/marketing, and 3) financial management.

9 Questions to Make Panic-free Decisions

Does the word ‘overwhelmed’ rise up when you think about what to do with your business because of this COVID-19 world we now live in? There is so much information to decipher. So much news. So much advice. So much confusion. Instead of making panic-driven decisions, take a more methodical approach to analyzing your situation [...]

How Does Your Business Adjust to COVID-19?

Information regarding COVID-19 is fluid. As we attempt to stay abreast of information and share with you, know that a lot of it changes on a daily basis. Your business health is of great importance, so we will continue to curate what we learn, and share feedback and conversation that we hear.

Business Health Tips to Deal with COVID-19

We are experiencing unprecedented times. The Covid-19 (corona virus) global pandemic has created fear and panic for personal health concerns, but also for the health of our farm, food, and drink sector. How is your business fairing through all of this? You may be juggling personal perspectives and decisions for yourself and family, your employees, [...]

7 Serious Social Media Blunders to Avoid

Are you making the most of your business’s social media presence? When you’re in the farm, food, or drink sector, your message and values can personally resonate with your reader. However, it can be a challenge to find your rhythm to post effectively for your audience, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms. Social media [...]

Plan to Succeed with a SWOT Analysis

Analyzing your companies Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to prioritize what you need to work on.

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A Key To Success Is How You Track & Use Your Numbers

Do you regularly set goals for your business? There is much research recognizing that if you set and track business goals, you are much more likely to meet or even beat those goals. Success comes with goal setting, establishing sales and operational forecasts and then using that info to make timely decisions and to take [...]

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How To Improve ROI At Events & Tradeshows

Event season is upon us. Some for fun, some for education, some for showing off. Will you attend an upcoming event, conference, or tradeshow as a participant or as a vendor or sponsor? Then you need a plan. Events cost you time and money. If you want a return on those investments (ROI), don’t just [...]

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Selling Your Bumper Crop

It’s always a challenge to have too much produce remaining after an abundant harvest, or goods leftover after the summer markets. Always on a tight budget, what are the best ways to get the word out, so you can sell it? Here are some ideas to help you move that product. Some things you may [...]

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