Email Marketing Beats Social Media

As a small food business owner, there are many options for your marketing mix. Many people put too much emphasis on just using social media to get their brand and product noticed. The truth is, email can be the most powerful component of your digital marketing channels, with a larger audience appeal and greater reach.

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Growing Women-Led Food Businesses with VC-Ready

Venture-Capital Ready is a new program for women-led food businesses to help them prepare for investor conversations. Farm Food Drink has partnered with long-time colleagues at Small Scale Food Processor Association (SSFPA) to build and launch many components for this initiative.

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How to Do Market Research for Your Food Business

Conducting market research is important for you to find decision-influencing information for your business plan. We typically think of market research as being done by big corporations with big budgets and complicated processes. As a small food business owner, you can adapt your research approaches to be simpler and less costly.

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Clarity Opens Path to 2025 Goals

You have a vision for your agri-food business, but the sector is still in a bit of a mess with volatile markets and disruptive social situations. Inflation continues, purchasing and distribution options change, retailers alter their programs and processes. There continues to be a lot of change and challenges. So, what should you focus on in 2024 in order to move towards your 2025 goals? Farm Food Drink’s recommendation is to embrace ‘clarity’.

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A Team Effort with BCAFM

For many food businesses, farmers markets are their primary sales channel. For some, they can be a stepping stone enroute to large grocery (chains) or bigger markets. And for others, they do both, what we call a blended sales & margin strategy - these food businesses do large capacity sales through grocery accounts and continue with farmers markets with higher margins, and the ability to launch/test new products or do short run items.

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UBC Collaboration on Food Industry Research

Market research is a crucial component to building any food business. Sharing our research expertise, Farm Food Drink recently collaborated with the University of British Columbia (UBC) to conduct two research projects with the Masters of Food and Research Economics program.

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Is your location part of your brand?

Do you use your location name in any part of your branding? Your town, region, or province? Depending on what you’re selling and to whom, incorporating a sense of place somewhere in your brand can be very appealing and lucrative. Some location names will be familiar to consumers, and others will sound exotic and intriguing.

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