Business Planning

Business Planning

You can grow your business with a Farm Food Drink business plan that is strong on implementation and getting the right things done.

Your business plan will include financial analysis, planning, and budgeting; marketing strategies, business strategies, and value added strategies. Some of these plans may be funded through the Ministry of Agriculture’s Agri-Food Business Planning Program.

Qualified & Authorized Providers for:

  • BC Farm Business Advisory Services 
  • Agri-Food Business Planning Program 
  • B.C. Indigenous Agriculture Development Program 

A Qualified Supplier of:

  • Market Research Services 
  • Market Development Planning
  • Export Development Services

Strategic Planning Sessions & Plans

We work with you and your group/board to hold effective Strategic Planning Sessions that capture realistic and achievable goals, objectives, and implementation steps.

Financial Analysis & Management

With our team of financial and sales specialists, we will analyze your current financial position in relation to your goals and expectations, and help you plan on how best to achieve your desired growth and/or viability.


As business coaches developing farm, food, and drink businesses, we are not only a sounding board for your ideas, but we are business experts who will add to your concepts, challenge them as necessary, and refine them. We offer this support throughout the province.


We provide workshops and presentations for farm, food, drink businesses, support organizations, and associations.

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