Email Marketing Beats Social Media

As a small food business owner, there are many options for your marketing mix. Many people put too much emphasis on just using social media to get their brand and product noticed. The truth is, email can be the most powerful component of your digital marketing channels, with a larger audience appeal and greater reach.

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Growing Women-Led Food Businesses with VC-Ready

Venture-Capital Ready is a new program for women-led food businesses to help them prepare for investor conversations. Farm Food Drink has partnered with long-time colleagues at Small Scale Food Processor Association (SSFPA) to build and launch many components for this initiative.

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Is your location part of your brand?

Do you use your location name in any part of your branding? Your town, region, or province? Depending on what you’re selling and to whom, incorporating a sense of place somewhere in your brand can be very appealing and lucrative. Some location names will be familiar to consumers, and others will sound exotic and intriguing.

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What is your biggest Labour Challenge?

You don’t have to watch the news to know there is a labour shortage. What we’d like to know is how you’re being affected in your food or agriculture business. None of us are going to solve the employment problem, but the more we know specifics of your situation, the more we can find ideas and resources to support you.

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How to improve ROI at events & tradeshows [updated]

Will you attend an upcoming event, conference, or tradeshow as a participant or as a vendor or sponsor? Then you need a plan. Events cost you time and money. If you want a return on those investments (ROI), don’t just show up and expect things to happen. Make things happen!

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Tough Times? Let’s Promote Food VALUE

In our December blog, we recommended taking a rest, a healthful break from your business so you could recharge during these uncertain times. As we start 2023, it’s clear that we’re not done with volatility yet - inflation, talk of recession, the news is full of stories on consumers concerns with rising costs. Are there still opportunities for your business?

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