A Team Effort with BCAFM

For many food businesses, farmers markets are their primary sales channel. For some, they can be a stepping stone enroute to large grocery (chains) or bigger markets. And for others, they do both, what we call a blended sales & margin strategy - these food businesses do large capacity sales through grocery accounts and continue with farmers markets with higher margins, and the ability to launch/test new products or do short run items.

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From NYC to Sunshine Coast – a Chocolate Story

In Halfmoon Bay, on the Sunshine Coast, John and Joe have resurrected their chocolate business with the intent of keeping it small, yet sophisticated and inventive. This time, their business model does not include a store front, but instead relies on shipping-only to get product to market.

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How can workshops grow your Food Business?

Are you thinking about starting a food business; or are you a seasoned food business owner and planning to launch new products or pursue new markets; or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Farm Food Drink develops and facilitates sector-specific workshops to help you tackle your specific growth planning needs.

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