Food Business Peer Conversations

Food Business Peer Conversations for BC food business owners

If you’re feeling isolated in your food enterprise — or so wrapped up in doing business that you don’t have time to plan your business — Farm Food Drink CONNECT is here to support you.

We’re proud to host “Farm Food Drink CONNECT” a monthly interactive session to bring you together with other BC food business owners and agri-food industry experts. This is an online place where you can bounce ideas off your peers and discuss different aspects of your food business from digital marketing and retail readiness, to commercial kitchens and HACCP production, and so much more.

With a monthly topic to kick off discussion, this online series is your opportunity to discover new concepts, ask questions specific to your food business, learn from industry specialists and other food business owners, share your story, and explore opportunities for collaboration.

How it Works

We host Farm Food Drink CONNECT sessions each month focused upon a selected topic. A topic-specific expert speaker sets the stage for Q&A and discussion so food business attendees can share experiences and learn from each other.

Here is a sampling of topics for conversations:

  • Digital marketing
  • Managing your marketing efficiently
  • Lean Stream Marketing
  • Co-packing and shared kitchens
  • Farmers’ Market strategies
  • Launching new product campaigns
  • Preparing for large grocery
  • HACCP production: what you need to know

What’s in it for You?

Based on food business planning workshops we’ve delivered, there is always a desire for ongoing support, in varying degrees. This series offers an experience for you to learn from other food community members, plus agri-food industry experts, about topics you care about.  You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Ask questions specific to your business
  • Learn from other business owners’ experience
  • Participate in open discussions to explore
  • Gather insights from industry experts
  • Share your own business story
  • Introduce collaboration ideas/partnerships
  • Engage with this group monthly

The Farm Food Drink CONNECT series provides a valuable opportunity for you to create new connections and opportunities with your regional food business peers, and explore business solutions with the help of an industry expert.

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TOPIC: Summer Market Research
DATE: Wednesday, June 19
TIME: 12:15 – 1:15 pm (PT)



Taking a Summer Break

TIME: 12:15 – 1:15 pm (PT)

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Your input to our Farm Food Drink CONNECT series is greatly valued: what do you need to learn now, and for your future business practices? Contact us and let us know!

**Note: Currently, these sessions are free; in future we may charge a small fee.