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Feature: Canadian Organic Growers

British Columbia, and Canada for that matter, is full of a variety of great associations, organizations and companies working hard to affect our food systems. Once a month, we want to feature one of those associations, organizations, and companies, as a tribute to the work they are doing.



The Canadian Organic Growers (COG) is a great opportunity for people concerned with the organic sector, farming, and sustainability, to get involved, and add their voice to the conversation.


COG is Canada’s national organic farmer and consumer association. It offers training and resources aimed at raising awareness about organics and assist farmers and gardeners in adopting sustainable and commercially viable, organic production methods. They work locally, regionally, and notionally within policy and industry development. They have been working for the organic community for over forty years, and maintain a large membership base.


As a member, COG promises a variety of bonuses. According to their website, members will:
  1. be called on to comment on proposed government policy and legislation;
  2. be invited to participate in sector-wide surveys on organic research priorities, planning and other feedback;
  3. be represented at meetings, events, and gatherings where the organic voice needs to be heard;
  4. be provided with the latest news and events forthcoming in the organic world;
  5. be invited to vote at the AGM, and;
  6. be offered 15% off COG’s organic hardcopy publications.
In addition, the COG membership is $25 annually, and you are able to choose to direct a portion of that fee towards a regional partnering organization of your choice. You won’t become a member of these organizations, but your contribution will help to support their projects and programs.
Moreover, as a COG member, you will have the following benefits:
  1. Voting Rights at COG’s Annual General Meeting and any special member meetings
  2. An annual electronic subscription (3 issues) to The Canadian Organic Grower magazine
  3. Discounts on select COG books, courses, and webinars
  4. Their comprehensive monthly e-newsletter: This Month in Organics
  5. Their weekly social media round-up: The Best of Organics on Social Media
You can find all of this information and more at

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