Food Business Marketing

Grow Your Brand!

This 3-session marketing program is designed specifically for owners of small food and beverage businesses with BIG dreams. Businesses that are ready to take the next step to elevate their brand and food product marketing.

You have a good product, you are good at what you do/make, and are BUSY! This program provides structure and guidelines so you can efficiently plan, implement, and grow your brand.

Key Takeaways

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The core needs and steps for an effective brand and marketing plan

  • How to prioritize, plan, and cost out your marketing budget

  • Templates, how to guides, and checklists

  • How to know when to bring in outside experts and how to prepare for the specialists


Presented by Farm Food Drink—Creative’s Managing Director, Greg McLaren. The “Grow Your Food Brand” series is an interactive program designed to guide you towards a practical plan and effective, successful implementation. We provide guidance, expertise, and the tools/ templates that you can use to not only prepare for the next stage of marketing but to help you decide what you can accomplish on your own and what you need professional help to implement.

This step-by-step program takes a top-down approach in developing your marketing plan and providing guidance, checklists, and templates that allow you to effectively prioritize, implement, and manage your marketing.

Our top-down approach means you prioritize and drill down into the specific market and/or communication channels you plan to use, while leaving non-priority planning for another phase (or not at all).

We’ve structured this program to create a strong marketing and brand foundation, with an emphasis on implementation and budget. This will prepare you to execute effectively, manage and focus on your priorities, work with the experts (as you need them) and ELEVATE your marketing to compete well, grow sales, and market share.

And what’s more, we prepare you for those specialists, so that you can save time, money, and improve outcomes.

Session Breakdown​

2-hour virtual workshop, focused on elevating your food brand and growing your food/beverage company with a practical marketing plan (foundation).

  • Brand & Marketing Overview
  • Top-down Marketing – Objectives & Goals
  • Planning your Strategy – The Template
  • Product & Service Review: Brand Position, Product, Features & Benefits
  • Defining your Target Market: Segmenting
  • Interactive Planning with Peers

2-hour virtual workshop focused on how to plan and budget your marketing strategy.

  • Establishing your Marketing Budget – Top-down, bottom-up
  • Strategy & Channels
  • Implementation Plan: Activity Calendar, Budget, Seasonal Planning
  • Key Performance Indicators: Promotional ROI, Performance Scorecards
  • Interactive Planning with Peers

2-hour virtual workshop focusing on implementation and bringing in creative expertise.

  • Planning & Expectations (Deadlines!)
  • Market Channels & Communication Channels
  • When you Need a Professional
  • Preparing a Creative Brief
  • Technical Details & Materials
  • Interactive Planning with Peers

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