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Funding Programs

The Ministry of Agriculture has released some new funding programs through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a five-year, $3 billion investment by federal, provincial and territorial governments to strengthen the agriculture and agrifood sector.


It’s a perfect time of year to get started on some of these applications. But you should move fast and apply for what interests you the most as soon as you can. The biggest question of eligibility to make note of is that you must have “reported total annual gross revenues greater than $30,000/year in the previous year to Canada Revenue Agency.”


Below we’ve listed some of the programs we believe provide the most value, with links to their information pages. But, a list of all currently available programs can be found here:


And finally, Farm|Food|Drink is a Ministry Approved and qualified providers of the B.C. Agri-Business Planning Program, BC Agrifood & Seafood Market Development Program, and B.C. Indigenous Agriculture Development Program.


B.C. Agri-Business Planning Program – Specialized Business Planning (


This program allows for up to $5,000 for individuals and $30,000 for groups for business planning services from a Qualified Business Consultant (of which we are one of several).


Eligible activities for Specialized Business Planning include: Business Structures, Production Economics, Business Strategy, Financial Analysis, Value Added Ventures, Risk Assessment and Mitigation, Human Resources, Succession/Transition Planning.


BC Agrifood & Seafood Market Development Program


This program provides Federal and Provincial Government cost-shared funding support for B.C.’s agriculture, food and seafood sectors to undertake eligible domestic and export market development projects and activities. The BCASMD Program enables industry to apply for cost-shared funding opportunities from preparing for business in domestic and international markets by acquiring marketing skills training, conducting market research and developing strategic plans to helping experienced exporters expand their markets and sales outside of B.C.


Eligible Activities Include: Market Skills Training, Marketing Information & Research, Market Development Planning, and Export Market Development Activities & Export-focused Marketing Collateral and Promotional Tools.


This is available to producers, processors, cooperatives and Industry associations.



This program identifies and supports the development of agriculture and agri-foods opportunities within Indigenous Communities, Tribal Councils, and Economic Development Corporations.


The Agriculture Opportunities Assessment provides up to $5,000 to be paid to a Qualified Business Consultant to complete a feasibility assessment of agricultural development options and/or business planning functions related to agriculture.


The Agriculture Financial and Business Planning provides up to $10,000 to be paid to a Qualified Business Consultant(s) for financial analysis and specialized business planning.


Buy BC Partnership Program
The Buy BC Partnership Program provides up to $2M in funding per year over the next three years to increase the competitiveness of B.C.’s agrifood and seafood industry in the domestic market. The Program includes both cost-shared funding as well as Buy BC logo licensing.


The cost-shared funding is available to applicants to undertake sector/product specific marketing and promotional activities to increase consumer demand and sales of BC agrifood and seafood products within the province.


Innovation – Canada-BC Agri-Innovation
Innovation is defined as “the development of promising new to B.C. agriculture and agrifood products, practices, processes or technologies that might be adopted or commercialized by the sector.” This program is designed to accelerate the pace of agrifood related innovation to enhance the sector’s competitiveness, sustainability, productivity and resiliency.
The program supports projects related to: Research and Development, Pilot and Demonstration, Commercialization and Adoption.

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