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Heritage Sauce Recipe Targets Millennials

Farm Food Drink SPOTLIGHT - Slow Bottled Sunday

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Everybody’s world moves so fast. Two dads from the Gulf Islands want to change that with their new brand of condiments called Slow Bottled Sunday. From Salt Spring Island roots, Nate Fraser took his grandmother’s family recipe and started making a delicious ketchup-style sauce using local plums. He now manages their operations in Hedley, BC and Adam Fraser manages sales from Victoria. 

These young fathers want to help people connect with a laid-back Sunday feel, special times to slow down and barbeque with friends and family. Their products appeal to consumers looking for fresh food, whole food, and a simple supply chain knowing the people and land behind it.

Most of all, Nate and Adam want to appeal to consumers looking for sauces that will bring a traditional, yet exciting new flavour profile for any meal, from breakfast to burgers, and picnics to backyard barbeques.

With an idealistic vision to pair vintage with modern, they are values-driven to be sustainable, environmentally sensitive, and reduce the impact on food waste. They have a relationship with local Okanagan fruit growers to rescue imperfect fruit before it goes to the landfill. That fruit is at the peak of its flavour ensuring a superior product.

The Project

Originally, Beckman Fine Foods used a family name, but these guys wanted something new, something modern, something emotional. Their quest to stand out against big brands like Heinz, Hunts, and French’s led them to tackle the brand shift and prepare for future business expansion.

With a millennial male target audience, a new approach was necessary to position their vision and values to get them into retail channels.

The Creative

Nate and Adam conceived the Slow Bottled Sunday brand vision. Farm Food Drink was less involved in the actual development of the brand and look, rather they became the creative conduit to design a specific concept the client had in mind. Their brand was developed with new positioning and logo, followed by product labels and a new website.

To appeal to the BBQing Mom and Dad, they wanted to connect with family meals, originality, and craftsmanship. And, how to connect the flavours of their childhood.

Brand Attributes

  • Joyful
  • Heritage Traditions
  • Earthy and Old Fashioned
  • Vibrant and Eclectic
  • Playful – Dr. Seuss meets urban professionals


The logo design took on a vintage look with the fonts, and we tilted the bottle in the design to show movement.


Supporting each product, the logo bottle is versatile to connect the pouring action on each label. This look is unique in the category and will make it stand out on the shelf.


Kick back, fire up the grill, pull out a Slow Bottled Sunday sauce, and let the fresh taste of BC slow down your Sunday.

A screenshot of the Slow Bottled Sunday home page.

Nate and Adam’s unique take on brand positioning is designed to support their desire to connect with their audience’s emotional connection to family ad friends’ barbeques.

The Result

On a mission to maximize the flavour and value of local food, Nate and Adam are diving into the Farmers’ Market channel this summer. Early feedback shows a lot of excitement at the uniqueness of their products.

People recognize how Slow Bottled Sunday’s story grounds the branding, and the desired connection behind it.

These adventurous, entrepreneur fathers are now reaching out to retailers who they expect will be receptive to their flavour profiles and story behind the unique brand.

Client Reaction

The owners are very pleased with the outcome, and appreciated the creative process.

“We had a concept for our brand,” explains Adam. “Farm Food Drink was effectively able to put it into an image that hit the mark.”

Next steps are to continue researching and expanding in the Farmer’s Markets in the Victoria area, followed by aggressive participation in the Vancouver Christmas market. Simultaneously, their entry into retail will evolve locally, then further afield in BC, and eventually into Alberta.

Their increased exposure and ramped up social media presence will position them well for success.


If you have a brand vision and need help to get there, contact us to discover how you can attain your business goals with the Farm Food Drink team.  

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