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Holiday Promotions Start Now

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With the onset of Christmas advertising already in various media, is your food business ready for holiday promotion opportunities?

Depending on where you are in your business, that could mean anything from being a vendor at a Christmas Market, having a retail end of aisle promotion, or focusing on your online presence. There is a long list of activities you could engage in, but start with what you can commit to, time-wise and budget.

Planning Promotions

This time of year can bring in your highest revenue and also escalate your brand’s awareness for longer term benefits. Consumers are already thinking about shopping, so develop a plan to get a head of that.

Consider the return on investment (ROI) for your efforts. Within an established budget, what can you do effectively? What kind of time lines and deadlines are tied to that? Did something work in the past that you can repurpose or revise?


There are many creative ways to alter or enhance the look of your product as it sits on a shelf, display, or even your ecommerce site. Some will have significant costs, others can be much simpler to implement.

  • Label sticker
  • Lid cover
  • Holiday themed box or bag
  • Custom design box shapes
  • Box sets
  • Product baskets
  • Gift Sizes – sampler packs
  • Bundle with someone else – gift basket idea
    • Great for cross promotion


Whether you create them yourself or use a designer, there are several options for online or print media that could use a holiday touch. Also know that your printer is over-booked at this time of year, and many even take time off. Plan accordingly.

  • Social Media – banners, theme posts, promotions, ads
  • Website Home Page – holiday theme or reference
  • Videos (for social or website) – putting together packages / at printer picking up something / shipping / behind the scenes
  • Holiday cards – from printer plus postage
  • Email message – to list, personalized for key customers
  • Small card included in package/box

Event Display

There are many in-person events at this time of year to promote your products. If you’ve signed up for a market, expo, or even for your own farm gate, consider spiffing up your display with a holiday flair.

  • Banner
  • Tablecloth
  • Table topper
  • Swag/promo items – order now
  • Smaller size
  • Samplers
  • Flyers / QR Codes
  • Email sign up


If you’re selling in grocery stores, you absolutely need to be in planning and execution mode. Contact the retailer to see what they’re planning to promote and how you can contribute and to what detail.

  • Flyers/inserts
  • End of aisle display
  • Shelf danglers
  • Demo stations – samples, handouts
  • Cross promote on social and email with retailers


And, just a note on some things you might have automated – e.g., Facebook or Messenger responses, email autoresponders, and e-Commerce checkout messages.

If you have some form of communication automation set up on your online platforms, take a look to see how you can add in a holiday message. Your e-Commerce area may even have an option to include graphics.

Caution: If you do change something in your online processes, be sure to put a note in your calendar to change it back, or to something new.

Implement the Plan

You don’t have to do everything on this list but you need to make smart choices and take action now. Last minute panic decisions may end up being costly or embarrassing. Break your initiative into smaller pieces to move your plan forward – 30 minutes here and there makes a huge difference versus stressing over a full day to achieve a last-minute deadline.

Track everything. Note how long things take to do, and the cost. What were your sales or feedback? Is this worth doing again next year, or even for a different season or promotion?

You and your business can truly shine at this time of year. Find something playful or meaningful that can make your brand and customer service a memorable thing.

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