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Now Is The Time To Buy Local

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Right now, at this very moment, someone in BC is buying some delicious, fresh, local food. That someone could be you.

Let’s face it. Eating fresh, healthy ingredients doesn’t always seem convenient or affordable. And many of us don’t even think about the seasonality of food anymore. Our grocery stores are full of international foods shipped to us, so we can have lettuce all year round.

But hey, it’s August, heading into September, the absolute best time to eat amazing, local food here in B.C. That means there are hundreds of farmers’ markets operating right now. With hundreds of farmers’ selling fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, baked goods and more. It’s the perfect time to eat healthy with fresh ingredients that support your local farmers.

What’s more, the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets, has made finding that great food even easier. Working with The Number, they have developed The BC Farmers’ Market Trail, a “definitive guide to 145+ authentic BC farmers’ markets bringing you fresh, local, in-season food from the people who grow it.”

Use their search function to find a market close by and discover everything you need to know to make shopping for local food easy.

Maybe you can’t, or won’t shop every week at that farmers’ market, but do yourself and your taste buds a favour, and try something different this weekend. We promise it will be delicious!


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