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Prepare for 2024 with a Work Break

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Owning a business can be all consuming, occupying your mind 24/7. As Christmas approaches, the temptation to maintain an unwavering focus on your business goals may be strong, but taking time off during the holidays can prove to be a strategic decision with profound benefits.

Amidst the twinkling lights and joyous celebrations, a hiatus from the daily grind allows you to:

  • rejuvenate your mind
  • strengthen personal connections
  • and gain a fresh perspective

Here are some of the ways our Farm Food Drink team takes time to reflect and contemplate at this time of year. A general consensus is to take a break from your business so you can refresh your brain activity and allow new creative thoughts to percolate.

Heather Nichol

Heather suggests taking some time to be contemplative and let your thoughts marinate and percolate. Curl up with a cup of tea and take the time to dream and think beyond your business. You’ll spur new ideas to get you excited in 2024.

Kerry McArthur

Being meditative in another space can produce a means of resetting your brain. Kerry likes long walks in fresh air or being the passenger in a car to let her mind wander and be reflective. While the holidays can be really busy, she loves those long, sleepy spaces where your mind can roam.

Greg McLaren

Greg strives to “protect” certain areas in the home or in the garden where he doesn’t bring work into the space.  It’s so easy to work anywhere on your phone or laptop but some places are best kept as a sanctuary, a place to relax and recharge.  He can’t help but do some work and ideas come up over the holidays, so he blocks time, does some planning or “mind mapping”, then goes back to enjoying family and recharging time.

Sheena Gnos

Sheena likes to be mindful of simple moments; the smell of coffee, an eagle flying, the glint of sunlight on water. By quieting the noise of your subconscious mind with purposeful gratitude and peace you give your body and brain a rest. It will energize you for the remainder of the day.

Salik Hasan Aslam

Allow yourself the space to take a physical break from work and just be. Salik recommends Structured Reflection – knowing what you’re reflecting on and how you will use that, whether for your business or your own self-improvement. Structure can be as simple as having a specific question(s) to reflect on. As you ease back into work, consider how your reflections can serve a purpose.

Karla Karcioglu

Your brain can get so cluttered and chaotic, especially during the holidays. To help make sense and direction out of thoughts, Karla is a note taker. On her phone or on a paper pad, she uses tools in her business mom life to keep organized and reduce stress. She recommends finding the right approach for your style – apps, journal, Post Its, whiteboard, etc. 

David Basu Roy

David balances self reflection and community togetherness at this time of year. He recognizes the need to rest and meditate, to include social time, and enjoy property projects with an enthusiastic group of like-minded friends and colleagues. Enjoying the stillness of the year can be both restful and rejuvenating.

Bonnie Chomica

Being playful can give your brain a vacation from work. Bonnie loves jigsaw puzzles on her tablet, social activities where there is no work talk, and exploring different genres of books and movies to experience different perspectives. A brain vacay often leads to clever and creative thinking for your business.

Tammi Hall

Over the holidays, Tammi likes to find time to shut it all off and have fun. Whether she has a week, a day, or a few hours, Tammi finds a way to create memorable moments with everyone. Her epic failures at baking cookies with nieces and nephews, the time she suggested teaching the dog to toboggan, and the year she challenged everyone to a creative pizza topping competition for Christmas Eve dinner (and lost), are just some of her many favourite holiday memories. 

Robyn Pike

Once the hustle and bustle of holiday prep is out of the way, Robyn likes to take that gloriously quiet week between Christmas and New Year’s to rest. With so much of her typical schedule devoted to that ever present ‘To Do’ list, it’s a gift to take a step back. Taking some time to reflect on the year’s successes is a treat, and can make way for new ideas and excitement for the year ahead.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert or a bit of both, it’s important to take care of yourself. Without you there is no business. Take the time this season to self reflect, contemplate, and dream.  Your business will thank you.

Wishing you much joy and happiness (and some quiet time) over the next few weeks.

Happy Holidays!

Your Farm Food Drink Team  

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