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What is your biggest Labour Challenge?

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You don’t have to watch the news to know there is a labour shortage. What we’d like to know is how are YOU being affected in your food or agriculture business. None of us are going to solve the employment problem, but the more we know specifics of your situation, the more we can find ideas and resources to support you.

Take a Quick Minute

We get that this is a crazy busy time and it may seem odd to ask for your input, but this is also the time of year when things are REAL and RELEVANT. If you send a simple line or two now, we might better capture your true struggle that so many are facing.

Please take one minute to contact us and share what you’re experiencing. We’ll then analyze the feedback and recommend some ideas, perspectives, and resources in a future blog post.

Here are some topics or situations to consider. Whether it’s just one or many, we want to hear from you.

  • Increased labour costs – the rise in minimum wage, competitive employers
  • Lack of skilled workers – too much time to train
  • Physicality of work – often unexpected for some applicants
  • Rural location – travel options, accommodations
  • Wrong perception of food or ag business – not as appealing as they thought
  • Hard to retain employees – too much competition, wrong attitudes
  • What else?

The news is all about the big players in our food industry, but we know you make a significant contribution to your local economy, and perhaps even some food security. That’s important!

Tell us what’s happening in your world as you try to grow your business while navigating this challenge that everyone is facing. Please Contact Us and tell us your perspective. 

Have you Cracked the Code?

Or maybe you have found a solution for your business, or a temporary work around. Wow, we’d love to hear about that, too.

In times like this, it often means looking deep into your costs and processes. Where can you make adjustments to be leaner? Can you partner with another business owner to share costs or even labour?

Do you have an idea that you haven’t tried yet, or that might work for others?  Any and all ideas are welcome.

Tell Us Who You Are!

Send us a message (contact us) and tell us:

  • What kind of food business you’re in (what do you sell)
  • Geographic region
  • Your biggest labour or employment challenge
  • Ideas you might have to push through, over, or around this environment we’re in.

We certainly appreciate that this is a demanding time. Farm Food Drink supports the BC Food Industry and the more information and in-the-field stories we get from you, the more we can share potential solutions and resources with you and your food and agri-business peers.

Help us help you. Contact us today with your labour challenge story and ideas.

If you're a good person doing good things with food, we want to hear from you!

Do you have a story to share or a project you're interested in?

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