To Left Field Marketing, authenticity
is the secret ingredient.

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What We Do

Yes, this includes logos, but it is so much more. An authentic, well-defined brand position makes your future advertising decisions easier because the brand points the way. We help you define your brand so it can grow for the long-term.

Following brand, copy-writing may be the most critical element to a quality connection. Choosing the right words and the right tone for the right audience means creating a direction so that your target audience knows what you do and do well. Copy-writing means developing the words that put romance and excitement into a call to action.

Label Design
We work with you to design your product labels so they fit your brand and your budget. From consulting on packaging to working with printers, we will help you turn your vision into a design that grow your business.  

Website Development
Websites are easy and free to create, but that doesn’t make them effective. Your website should act like your storefront, every word and image needs a purpose that will help to convert sales. We can help you build that storefront so you can effectively grow your business while directly speaking to your target market. 

Market Budgeting, Sales Forecasting
No matter the size of your business you need to budget and invest in marketing. We help you establish budgets that will grow your business and manage for long-term growth.

Media Buys
We help you choose the right media, not because they’re trendy but because they’re the best way to connect your market with your message and your budget.

Sales and Marketing Support
We help you develop and grow positive business relationships with suppliers, regulators, distributors, and retailers. We produce the right materials – point of purchase signage, flyers, and more – to sell your products.

Social Media and PR
We help you with your social media and public relations needs. Guidance, editing, coordination – dependent on your needs.

Coaching and Workshops
We offer coaching and workshop opportunities for all budgets. We’ll review what you’re doing and offer objective, expert guidance.   Click here for details.

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