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The Small Scale Food Processor Association has released the Food Business Refresh Program.

Farm Food Drink is proud to be partnering with SSFPA in the development and delivery of this program which offers FREE customized training & coaching and FUNDED implementation for B.C. based micro to small food processors.

This opportunity is unique from other business support programs in that you will receive guided, hands-on support, tailored to your company’s situation and your objectives.

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Food Business Refresh Program helps small business adapt!

Kelowna | Langley | Falkland | Salt Spring Island | Castlegar

This 3-session marketing program is designed specifically for owners of small food and beverage businesses with BIG dreams. Businesses that are ready to take the next step to elevate their brand and food product marketing.

You have a good product, you are good at what you do/make, and are BUSY! This program provides structure and guidelines so you can efficiently plan, implement, and grow your brand.

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Ag-Food Entrepreneur & Ag-Food Supervisor Workshops

Our industry partners at the Small Scale Food Processor Association offers these workshops intended for those seeking to start a food processing business or employment in a supervisory role within the Agricultural/Food sector. This series was designed to allow you to upgrade your skills, position and plan for a new career or plan the launch of a new Ag-Food Business. With support from your online instructor and industry professionals, you can complete this FREE online training from your home–that will lead to a career or a business that’s vital and in-demand!

Ag-Food Entrepreneur

Whether securing food locally, looking for healthy alternatives, ingenuity or unique design; the consumer is driving the demand for home-grown innovation. That being said, why do many food start-ups fail? How can you overcome the challenges and mistakes in the initial start-up phase? This program is designed to give you insight, both personal and professional, and to introduce you to concepts, plans and systems, necessary to grow your idea!

For more information, or to apply visit: Small Scale Food Processor Association or Mission Community Skills Centre.

Ag-Food Supervisor

Looking to advance into a supervisory role within the Ag-Food Industry? Looking to supervise and coordinate the activities of a team? learn to keep employees on-task and ensuring the safety and quality of your product is properly grown/sourced, harvested, processed, packaged and/or distributed.

For more information, or to apply visit: For more information, or to apply visit: Small Scale Food Processor Association or Mission Community Skills Centre.

Upcoming Workshops

We are currently making plans for more workshops and supporting business with our current crisis. If you would like to stay up to date on current events and workshops, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Past Workshops

The Food Business Planning Workshop

Ideal for micro, small, and medium-sized food processors looking to improve and/or expand their operations, and farmers looking to create value-added products. This 2-day, 9 module workshop series covers:

  • Business Planning: Crafting a plan that works from start to finish.
  • Marketing: Identify, research, and target a niche to maximize sales.
  • Product Development: Scaling up recipes for commercial production and develop new products to meet customer needs.
  • Financial Planning: Understanding financial statements and make confident decisions.
  • Quality Management: Streamlining operations to make a safe and consistent product.
  • Packaging: Balancing attractive design with food protection and regulatory standards.
  • Production & Costing: Gauging the cost of production, operations, and co-packing.
  • Logistics: Basics of procurement, receiving, storage, shipping, and timing.
  • Resources & Networking: Resources and networking opportunities in your region.

In early 2020, workshops were held in the following locations:

  • Courtenay
  • Burnaby
  • Invermere
  • Kamloops
  • Quesnel
  • Terrace

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